Wood is an exacting material which, although responding kindly to proper treatment, rebels furiously against bad handling.

—W. Wheeler and C.H. Hayward

The Alden Artisan Advancement

Throughout my years as a professional woodworker and my involvement with the NH Furniture Masters Association, I felt compelled to devise a scholarship to help young emerging makers break out into the field and turn their passion into their profession. This Advancement will award $1000.00 to a student or apprentice to build a creative piece with the aid of the Masters while learning technical and business strategies. Once their piece is finished and juried, the recipient will showcase it through the sales and marketing campaigns of the Furniture Masters which includes professional photography, publication and event participation.

Here are the stories of our recent recipients:

To apply please visit, The American Furniture Masters Institute Website, under the "Grants" section. For questions please contact me.