Wood is an exacting material which, although responding kindly to proper treatment, rebels furiously against bad handling.

—W. Wheeler and C.H. Hayward

How It's Made

The commission process consists of many stages. First an initial request of the desired item is received. Upon correspondence a meeting or preliminary sketch is scheduled. After gathering the necessary information a design fee is collected (depending on the scale of work) and a set of scaled working drawings are crafted. A contract detailing the specifics of the project will accompany the draft. When the proposed piece is agreed upon, a deposit will be

taken in accordance with the contract. Materials are gathered and construction will commence. Detailed photos of the procedure can be provided to include and educate the client in the various stages of the process. When the construction phase is complete finish is then considered. Samples will then be provided and agreed upon. When finish is complete, delivery and installation (if necessary) is the final task at hand.