Gail's Moose Box

<p>"Gail's Moose Box" was commissioned with many specifics that showcased our versatility and innovativeness. Our biggest challenge was to create a box that was influenced by Gail's love for knitting and Moose while her husband Steve only noted that the box needed to be one of a kind; just like Gail. With this, I discovered an elliptical form from the Moose's crown. I implemented this shape to evoke the look of antlers grasping the sides of the box and converging into a handle. The negative space gives this piece a sense of motion and life. Within the lid, I engineered a series of laminations of which I adhered canvas on a curved panel for Grant Hacking to paint a Moose lounging in the meadow. The Patron presented this piece to his wife for their anniversary.</p><p>Photos by Bill Truslow</p>