Gail's Moose Box

"Gail's Moose Box" was commissioned with many specifics that showcased our versatility and innovativeness. Our biggest challenge was to create a box that was influenced by Gail's love for knitting and Moose while her husband Steve only noted that the box needed to be one of a kind; just like Gail. With this, I discovered an elliptical form from the Moose's crown. I implemented this shape to evoke the look of antlers grasping the sides of the box and converging into a handle. The negative space gives this piece a sense of motion and life. Within the lid, I engineered a series of laminations of which I adhered canvas on a curved panel for Grant Hacking to paint a Moose lounging in the meadow. The Patron presented this piece to his wife for their anniversary.

Photos by Bill Truslow


"From the start to the finished product, designing and producing "Gail's Moose Box" was a total joy. The team of Greg Brown and Grant Hacking was everything we wished for, and more. The design, the wood selection, the artistry in woodwork, and the art were all superb.

Gail's Moose Box is already a family heirloom.

Greg and Grant thought of everything. The moose even smiles." - Steve Bartlett