“One of my favorite parts of vocation as a woodworker is collaborating with other crafts people. Greg and I worked together for more than a decade. Each time he shares his skills as a woodcarver and cabinet maker with grace and integrity”

— Matt Wajda, River City Furnituremaking

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating professionally with Greg Brown on several projects in recent years, including one for his own home.

In addition to his thorough planning and absolutely meticulous execution, Greg has an artist’s eye which makes his work notable aesthetically because of its sense of proportion and balance. It goes without saying that his work is strong and built to last.

Greg is communicative and dependable. It is an honor to work with him and I look forward to many future projects.”

— Louis Michael Pulzetti

“Before working with Greg my furniture buying experiences consisted of vintage shops and chain stores. When I had the opportunity to work with him I jumped at the chance. He designed the piece to my style and the constraints of my space and he walked me through every step of the process. I could not be more happy with the finished product and his professionalism. His knowledge and skill level is beyond what I expected and the quality of the piece is better than I imagined. Every time I look at it I think fondly of the process and am thrilled with the outcome.”

— Fouad Mahfuz

“Greg Brown is truly an artist and a master at his craft. Equally impressive is how he works with his clients. All aspects of the process were completely considered and clearly presented before the project began. He listened to our thoughts, kept us engaged along the way and produced exactly what we wanted”

— Todd and Janice Elgin, Holderness, NH

“From the start to the finished product, designing and producing “Gail’s Moose Box” was a total joy. The team of Greg Brown and Grant Hacking was everything we wished for, and more. The design, the wood selection, the artistry in woodwork, and the art were all superb. Gail’s Moose Box is already a family heirloom. Greg and Grant thought of everything. The moose even smiles.”

— Steve Bartlett

“I met Greg Brown at a NH Furniture Masters event. At the time I was looking for one of the Masters to build me a dining table with very specific parameters, for both space and use. That night I spoke to a number of the Masters who were displaying their works. My thoughts were for some sort of extra large drop-leaf or gate-leg table. When I spoke to Greg, he listened to what I was describing and said that he had some ideas and his ideas showed me that he was really paying attention.

What Greg described and then created was so far beyond my expectations. He gave me choices in design and kept me informed of progress with emails, photographs, visits to his studio and wood samples. The finished piece is gorgeous and its mechanics are so easy to operate that it is no trouble to expand it to its full size. His design is so elegant that the piece is timeless, with sweeping curved lines at every angle.”

— D. Byers

“Our family has worked with Greg Brown on multiple furniture and word working projects for years. Each of the more than 7 pieces Greg crafted for us have reflected the unique characteristics & goals we outlined, with the understanding quality is the measure of value. In short Greg loves wood but that is just the beginning of the Greg Brown story.

Greg is part designer, architect, artist, and engineer and, of course, master craftsman. While much has been written in the furniture world about “Form Follows Function” Greg has produced some award winning pieces that demonstrate both can be achieved. As but one example look at both the artistry and engineering of his magnificent Maple Bird bath table. Several of the pieces that Greg has crafted for us were not meant to be just functional and beautiful but include evoking the joy of a commissioned painting.

Furniture that improves the overall quality of life is rare indeed and we believe it begins with Greg’s thoughtful and collaborative process with the client. It’s a co-creative process and it goes well beyond the standard furniture building experience.

Above all Greg is devoted to discovering the inherent beauty of wood so that noble trees might have a second life as exquisite furniture.”

— Mark Collins

“I would like to say that Greg’s work, I feel, is as good as anybody out there doing woodworking and carving. His mastery of the art is just superb. Having purchased 2 of his pieces shows me his attention to detail and unbeatable craftsmanship. Both pieces are first place award winners. He’s also as nice a person as you’ll ever meet.”

— Maurizio Romeo

“We met Greg at the Furniture Master’s gala at the Currier Museum through mutual friends and we’re impressed with his table on exhibit as part of the event.

We discussed our desire for a similar table but in a custom curved design that would follow the geometry of our second-floor master bathroom which is in the turret of our 1890’s Queen Anne style late Victorian period home.

The design and subsequent contract for that table soon led to a parallel discussion about having Greg build us a new front door. The existing door was in bad shape, weathered by years of use and had cracking from dry rot. Although Greg’s talent had mostly been concentrated on furniture and cabinetry, he soon had a design and model for an elegant and stately front entrance door that was commensurate with the period of the home and would add significantly to the home’s curb appeal for years to come. Greg’s enthusiasm for tackling a project outside of his normal portfolio was notable.

The success of that door convinced us to have him build a second door in a similar design for the rear entrance. The existing door there was in even worse shape with a cracked and faded plexiglass window and even more severe dry rot. Neither door was in a standard size so whether we went through one of the usual supplier routes or a juried woodworker like Greg, we would be paying for custom work.

The two doors and the curved display table in antique tiger maple all came out magnificently. In particular, the front door included a custom stained-glass work reminiscent of the work of Charles Rennie MacIntosh that was created by League of NH Craftsman and juried artist Louis Pulzetti of Alton Bay. We’re happy to report that Greg and Louis craftsmanship and collaboration worked so well that Greg commissioned Louis for the design of his own front entrance at his home.

We’ve since commissioned Greg to fabricate the period specific molding and window framing for the renovation of our kitchen and dining room. He was able to replicate the same pattern of the existing molding and rosettes. Only a well-trained eye could discern the old from the new woodwork.”

— The Cairns